LANDSCAPE MASTER PLANNING: Long range plans for future development with recommended policies and guidelines to implement such plans.

SITE PLANNING: Preparation of plans, specifications and contracts for site development, including conceptual grading, and location of structures and facilities.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: We take special pride in our capabilities as physical designers. We feel this is the area our reputation has been most firmly established and what brings most of our clients to us. Architects and other design professionals knowledgeable in the intricacies and subtleties of physical design have always been our principal clientele. We feel that landscape design encompasses everything outside of the built structure. This includes but is not limited to conceptual grading, walks and parking studies, planting plans, irrigation, lighting; recreation areas such as pools, tennis courts, tot lots, picnic facilities.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Integration of low impact development (LID) techniques into the site design to mitigate environmental impacts from development, the use of appropriate native Hawaiian and Polynesian-introduced plants to emphasize the Hawaiian sense of place and to minimize water use, and the incorporation of high-efficiency irrigation strategies to reduce potable water use for irrigation.

PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION: Inspection of the quality of materials and workmanship; and client's agent and professional advisor.