Hawaii State Art Museum

Hawaii State Art Museum

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

2012 Hawaii A.S.L.A. Award of Excellence

The project included converting the 7,700 square foot pool courtyard area to a sculpture garden. The swimming pool and pool deck required protection, with the option of pool restoration available.

The landscape serves as a living backdrop to the sculptures by complimenting, rather than competing with them. For the most part, the plants are varying shades of green to provide a neutral background, while the repetitive use of a limited plant palette provides a sense of order and serenity. However, the textures, forms and even fragrance of the plant material provide a subtle level of accent and interest.

The landscaping, historic architecture and works of art merge into an urban oasis that stimulates the senses. The garden provides areas for discovery and reflection, while elements from the past create remembrances of the pool courtyard.